A team of naturopathic & medical practitioners who have a passion for fertility challenges

Established in 2009 we are the first and only medical and naturopathic clinic in Northern Ireland, specialising in female and male fertility challenges

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About Logan Wellbeing

The journey from conception to healthy birth can be physically and mentally challenging. 
At Logan Wellbeing and Medical, we understand every person's story is unique, and everyone's path to wellness is different.

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Our Story

Our Story

At Logan Wellbeing and Medical, your story is our story… and it's a very personal one…

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Medical Treatments

At Logan Wellbeing & Medical in Northern Ireland we use clinically proven micronutrition medicines to treat female and male fertility challenges and autoimmune disorders

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Learn how we can help you get into the optimum physical health to support your conception and pregnancy. Ruth Ellen’s dedicated research into the very best complementary therapies available in the world has lead to the Logan Wellbeing and Medical Clinic offering treatments for a range of other non-fertility health conditions.

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