New beginnings

Tommy is officially the first baby in the world to be born using The Logan Method™ and is living proof that while Western science is wonderful, it doesn’t hold all the answers about the path to motherhood.

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Ruth Ellen Logan
9 Sep |3 minute read

New beginnings

Tommy Alexander Rutherford was born June 27, 2013, and is officially the first baby in the world to be born using the Logan Method™

His birth proves to me that while Western science is wonderful, it doesn’t hold all the answers about the path to motherhood.

For so many women, that path is frustrating, heartbreaking and emotionally paralysing and I know first-hand the devastation of walking it when things don't go right.

But please have heart because there is good news out there and Tommy is literally living proof that sometimes we have to encourage our little miracles to happen.

Using a combination of Western science, Maya massage, Eastern medicine and knowledge, plus vital intuitive instincts, I believe I have cracked the code creating the best chances for healthy conception and pregnancy.

I started my career in the beauty industry, but my personal experiences set me on a quest for an understanding of fertility problems.

I first became interested in fertility challenges due to my own struggle with ectopic pregnancy. By the age of 27, I felt my body had failed me. Three ectopic pregnancies meant it was no longer possible for me to conceive naturally.

Desperate to understand what was going on and wondering how I would cope with my chances of motherhood destroyed, I went into research mode.

After training and gaining a deeper understanding of Maya Massage, I then took all my fertility knowledge into the world as I continue to develop our protocols and The Logan Method™.

The Logan Abdominal Massage Method is nothing new.

In fact, it dates back thousands of years, having been passed down through midwives from Central America to Africa, Egypt and China.

With each success story, my reputation grew, and soon my clinic became very busy.

With each woman who conceived, I felt a piece of my loss heal.

The more I trained and worked intuitively with women, the more inspired I became to understand the emotional devastation associated not only with loss but with unexplained fertility issues. I don’t like to use the term ‘infertility’. It’s a useless, unnecessary and crushing label and so often it’s inaccurate.

Throughout those early days I quickly realised the women I met struggled spiritually and emotionally, and often their self-esteem was at rock bottom as a result of having no answers about their failure to conceive.

I saw myself reflected in them and I need to do something practical to help.

Having spent years developing the Logan Method™, I finally reached the stage where I needed a ‘drug-free’ case study so I could see every aspect, every day from conception until the 13th week of pregnancy.

I had previously used precisely the same method successfully on so many women, but I had only seen them at their weekly appointments and wanted to monitor someone hourly, so the only person I could ask was me!!

With frozen embryos still waiting to be used from my Logan Abdominal Massage technique -combined-IVF treatment in 2009, I decided in September 2012, that I would undergo natural FET – or frozen embryo transfer – and monitor my own body at regular intervals throughout the day combining all the knowledge and experience gathered over the years.

The decision was the right one and took me from One Day Post Transfer to the 13th week of pregnancy until my placenta was entirely self-sufficient.

And nine months later my precious on Tommy arrived, and the Logan Method™ was literally born.

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