Dr Michael Barnish

Director and Medical consultant

A graduate of Liverpool Medical School in 2012, Dr Barnish joined Logan Wellbeing Medical in 2016. He is a specialist doctor in IV therapy, micronutrition, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Aesthetics.
He is a respected consultant in the fields of preventative health intervention and IV supplementation and also an active member of REVIV Global Ltd’s international research and development team. 

A committed educator dedicated to sharing the findings of his research, Dr Barnish lectures and trains medical professionals in micronutrition and IV therapy across the world.

He has authored many articles for prominent journals and magazines and is now working on several clinical male fertility trials with the groundbreaking use of micronutrition at the forefront.

In 2016, Dr Barnish joined Logan Wellbeing Medical and is currently working collaboratively with Ruth Ellen Logan to develop new protocols for a range of health challenges.

Uniquely in Northern Ireland, Dr Barnish brings to Logan Wellbeing Medical a multi-faceted approach directly connected to the most cutting-edge research and developments being carried out by global experts.

Dr Barnish is an accomplished and caring doctor who immediately puts all patients at ease with his supportive approach and confident, positive manner.

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