Ruth Ellen Logan

Naturopathic Consultant

Qualified teacher and creator of The Logan Method™

Ruth Ellen Logan has been a naturopathic practitioner since 2002.

Following completion of intensive training in America, in 2009 become she qualified as the first Arvigo massage practitioner in Northern Ireland.

Medically-trained by Reviv, in 2016 Ruth Ellen Logan brought her experience to our clinic on Belfast’s Lisburn Road where now, (exclusively to NI), we offer Reviv’s deluxe IV treatments.

Through dedicated research and personal experience, Ruth Ellen Logan has great empathy for women facing fertility challenges. She is genuinely committed to creating bespoke holistic wellness programs, including emotional/mental health support, which are female-focussed.

Through personal experience of fertility and health issues, extensive research and collaborative working with leading health practitioners, she developed The Logan Method to support overall health and wellbeing.

As taught exclusively by Ruth Ellen, The Logan Method is a collective term for the only FHT-accredited method in the UK for supporting overall health in preparation for natural conception and/or IVF.

Ruth Ellen is qualified in:

  • REVIV medical-approved practitioner

  • Naturopathic studies

  • Arvigo qualified

  • Clinical Reflexologist

  • Cidesco

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