Ruth Ellen's Personal Story

In 2008, 27-year-old Ruth Ellen Logan slipped in an out of consciousness in a Belfast hospital. Her third attempt at having a much-wanted baby ended in another ectopic pregnancy that tragically destroyed her remaining fallopian tube.

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Our Inspiration – The Baby Maker

Still recovering from the trauma, she now knew her only option if she wanted to have a child was to embark on a potentially long, stressful and costly IVF journey.

As a trained and experienced practitioner who had been running her own naturopathic clinic since 2002, she knew IVF is more likely to fail than succeed
“I was barely out of surgery when I was given a leaflet on IVF and told it was my only option. And that was it. The sense of loss, the deep feeling of nothingness was so profound I couldn’t breathe from the pain of sheer devastation.

“I have never felt so lonely. It was, and still is, the worst day of my life,” Ruth Ellen says.

But she drew on her resources, tenacity and experience and refused to be beaten.

She also vowed to do something to help and empower other women suffering fertility and female health issues.

Driven by her refusal to give up her dream to have a child, Ruth Ellen then embarked on a personal quest for knowledge and training. 
She wanted to give her own IVF attempts the best possible chance of success.

Through diligent research, she learned her severe abdominal adhesions and endometriosis would be complications for IVF.  She also discovered that Arvigo Massage could also help both conditions.

Ruth Ellen describes this as the ‘lightning bolt' moment that inspired her to research much further. Such was her personal commitment to finding answers; in 2009 she travelled to America to train with the global experts in the Arvigo technique.

She qualified to become the first Arvigo practitioner in Northern Ireland and opened a successful clinic in Belfast city centre the same year to help women prepare their body for conceiving a baby.

But Ruth Ellen realised the Arvigo method had its practical limitations. So based on training and experience, she designed a bespoke abdominal and an IVF support method tailored to her clients’ personal needs.

And so The Logan Method was born...

The Logan Method is an exciting development for naturopathy and fertility support and delivers tangible results. It has supported the conception of over 1000 new lives in Northern Ireland; earning Ruth Ellen the affectionate name ‘The Baby Maker’

Ruth Ellen even credits the birth of her own precious children to her personal application of the Logan Method.

Ruth says: “I don’t believe my children Aiyana, who was born on January 1, 2011, and Tommy, who was born on June 27, 2013, would be here today without the combination of these complementary therapies.”

Like so many women, for Ruth Ellen, the journey to motherhood has been a complicated and at times exhausting one. But with a life long interest in health, years of study and holistic therapy experience, Ruth Ellen has used her own life story to develop an approach to fertility support that puts women in control.

“I can fully empathise with women who are at their wit's end, exhausted, tearful, fearful, frustrated and beaten by this invisible enemy.
“Understandably, they are sometimes angry and resentful, and very emotional – I know I was at the beginning of my fertility struggle. I fully understand how traumatic the whole process can be.

“That is why at my clinic we think holistically and treat the whole person. We empower people to feel positive and we fully support them because we understand them.

“We take time to listen and build a full picture. We develop a relationship with our clients and guide them with compassion and confidence.
“At Logan Wellbeing and Medical, I have brought together a hand-picked team of experienced medical practitioners and therapists to support your fertility journey.

“The good news for anyone struggling with fertility challenges right now - there is always hope and many different options to try.

“My own two children and all the 1000 births we have supported over the last decade are living proof that working with, rather than against your body, can deliver miracles!”

Ruth-Ellen is qualified in:

  • Creator of The Logan Method
  • Creator of Logan Method abdominal massage
  • Arvigo qualified
  • Cidesco
  • NLP
  • Naturopathic studies
  • Clinical Reflexologist
  • CBT